Transfer freezes when transferring multiple files using dolphin via USB cable to Android phone

When an Android is connected to my pc using USB cable via mtp: , if I try to copy/move multiple files at once, transfer stops after 1st file/after some time.
Also dolphin stops displaying Android directories if we refresh the tab.

To fix that I need to re-plug my phone using usb cable.

Please help me fixing this. I need to transfer folders of multiple files and I cannot do that now.

Do you have USB debugging enabled on your phone (Developer Options)
If you do try doing an adb pull of the device.

This may be the android device itself also, I have a similar issue on one of my phones and have put it down to the device as I don’t get it on other androids and it seems to have quite a few other issues/oddities when using it as I would normally use any other phone

Do you have issues with adb? or just MTP?

I had issue’s in the past with MTP so I just stopped using it and stuck with adb.

Both on that device. It is very bad quality if I didn’t get it on a clearance sale for around $25/30 I would have gotten my money back on it.

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How to use adb for file transfer?

No I haven’t enabled usb debugging.
Should I enable it?

I use android-file-transfer now to send files between my phone and laptop using usb cable. It works very well for me.

If you don’t want to use a usb cable localsend is a good option. It has an option to send folders.

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That is up to you. I mean I know there are apps like Airdroid (or atleast used to be) I don’t know the state of these types of apps anymore however as i am comfortable keeping everything local.

You will need to have some expertise with Android and Linux command Line if you choose to do so. I’m not sure what android-file-transfer is I never heard of it until @Hystrix post. I don’t know if that would require USB debugging or not.

Edit: Yes I’m to lazy to go search besides its time for me to cook dinner :laughing:

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