Trailing comma in metadata.json

There is a trailing comma in usr/share/wallpapers/EndeavourOS/metadata.json resulting in JSON parse error. Please note that even though trailing commas are allowed and even encouraged in plain javascript, they are not allowed in JSON.

is this with GNOME?

not sure where this file should came from…
we only have this:

but usr/share/wallpapers/EndeavourOS is not used afaik…
So some script or app must have created this… could be Gnome but I am not aware of any…

okay not GNOME and KDE instead…
Not sure i see where this is an issue or what exactly it is causing?
but see:

its changed already :wink:

Thanks for reporting it.

It has been fixed and the PKGBUILD has been updated and pushed. Once the package is built it will be available in the repos.

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I noticed it throwing a warning when browsing through the journal looking at some ACPI related errors I was seeing at boot.

yes indeed thank’s for the report this is how things get fixed fast :wink: