TP Link UB500 Compatibility


I am planning to buy at TP link UB500 so I can use Bluetooth with my controller and headphones but I’m not sure if it’s compatible with Linux

After digging online, it seems that recent kernels do support it but I have seen a lot of forums about problems people encountered using them, so I thought I’d ask here if someone has been using one and whether or not it’s working out with them, especially that a lot of these forums aren’t necessarily recent, or on an Arch based distro.

Thanks in advance!

It doesn’t say that it supports Linux but that doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t work. Back from 2021 it shows supported with a patch.

Yeah TP Link themselves don’t really say anything about Linux. As far as I understand, their chipsets became supported in the newer kernels without them doing anything about it really. Guess I’ll have to take a risk and buy it because I can’t find other brands right now.

Bought it and it worked right away!
However, I needed to enable the Bluetooth service first as shown in the link below otherwise it won’t detect any devise (not sure why something like that is disabled by default to be honest)

It’s considered to be a security risk I guess so it’s up to the user to enable it. :man_shrugging: