Tp link 823n driver not working after kernel upgrade


Today i upgraded kernel to 5.17.1 version and the above wifi usb dongle stopped working.
I have tried to load older drivers (sudo modprobe 8192 eu) and i im getting a modprobe fatal error which says that module 8192eu not gound in directory /lib/modules/5.17.1

How do i enable wifi usb drivers to the new kernel?

Do you know what the actual chip is?

inxi -Na

Thank for your reply!

It seems that only the ethernet chip is recognised (tp link usb dongle is plugged)


Device-1: intel ethernet
Driver: e1000e
Chip id : 8086:153 b

Well i guess you could downgrade the kernel?

How can i do that?

You have to have downgrade installed. Then run sudo downgrade (pkg)
So it would be this and you’ll select the package (kernel) you need.

sudo downgrade linux 

Edit: I’m not sure if you are using an lts kernel you may need linux-lts

No im Not using a lts kernel

Unfortunatelly downgrading yo the old kernel didnt solve the problem

Check your pacman log and see what you updated then? Must be another package that changed it.

paclog --action=upgrade

It seems that not the right module is loaded insead of rtl8192eu module it loads the rtl18xxcu

I cant figure out how to blacklist it

Edit: You want to add the blacklisted module here:


add module name and save the file. reboot

Which driver package are you using for this?

What’s the output of dkms autoinstall ? (i.e. did the driver actually build?)


should i use

Rtl18xxcu (1)


blacklist rtl18xxcu (2)

I used (1) and the Rtl18xxcu module is still loading

I would think 2

dkms autoinstall gives me advice to install linux kernel headers (i cant copy the output im typing from a.spartphone)

The driver module can’t build without the kernel headers being present on the system.

You’ll need to install them.

(I assume you removed them at some point, otherwise the driver can never have built)

Are they not present because of downgrading the kernel?

I guess downgrade linux should be downgrade linux linux-headers. Never used it, I’ve always installed from cache or directly from ALA.

Also, I always keep at least two kernels installed. :person_shrugging:

I just forgot about it not realizing it was needed on downgrading.

Did you end up getting it working again?

Unfortunatelly not
I m confused following the above conversation