Touchpad not working (sometimes does)

I’m having an issue with my touchpad, I’m using a Toshiba satellite pro C50-A1E6, my touchpad will work and then randomly stop working after a reboot or two it’d go back to normal.
I’ll be more than happy to provide information with some guidance.

Before people point it out, i have checked out Touchpad not working properly, or not at all - #6 by tununo but with no success


There were similar issue recently (probably just too new hardware), see this

There are options to try

Unfortunately i don’t think it’s because it’s new as tis laptop is around 5-6 years old but still poping off with 8gb ram xD i paid £100 for it so im not expecting everything to, i thought it might be a loose connector opened the laptop up and it seemed to be perfectly fine

Still try this options one by one, issue looks very similar anyway

on it thank you <3

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Don’t seem to have that installed i do however have these xf86-input-libinput xf86-input-synaptics xf86-video-intel

Update: touchpad started to work again however i know that it will 100% fail again

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Doesn’t matter if it’s installed i think, just set one of those Kernel parameters (don’t froget to update grub + reboot), and see if it helps in a long run…if not try another option etc

I hate those issues when it’s random :laughing:

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Thought you’d say that, how exactly would i do that :sweat_smile:

Like that

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you’re a star thank you

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i8042.reset - Not working, boots up touchpad works after logging in decides to give up on me
i8042.nopnp - So far so good, booted up logged in and still working i’ll keep this up to date

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Thank you so much for the help it’s been 30ish minutes and that’s been the longest it’s gone without breaking ^^


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