Touchpad not working properly, or not at all

My touchpad since last week is not working properly, when I go to settings there is no option now for touchpad to change settings, like touch to click or two fingers right menu. Sometimes it behaves somewhat erratic, sometimes it stops working… It is affecting the reboot option as well.

This hybrid laptop uses synaptic, on terminal it is there but no way of getting it to work properly. I was so happy with Endeavouros, as I thought I finally found a distro to work with, but is getting so many issues with the touchpad that now and then it freezes. Is this laptop not compatible to linux arch?
Apreciate a lot some help, please…

welcome on board! and to do some research on your issue it will need some more details, on exact chipset/driver in use and the journal:


In addition, are you using the synaptic driver or the libinput driver. Type synclient in a terminal and press enter, command not found = libinput.

If libinput create this file:

Section "InputClass"
    Identifier "devname"
    Driver "libinput"
    option "Tapping" "on"

Just sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/30-touchpad.conf copy and paste it in and save and reboot - does it help?

:Edit: Also check the settings in tweaks and Gnome settings, I do not use Gnome, but remember there being a few in there.


journal.pdf (339.6 KB)

journal2.pdf (310.5 KB)

journallast.pdf (811.3 KB)

Thank you very much for your help, let`s see if I can fix this

This is the journals, I am not so skilled on linux, but I know how to use the terminal and follow some instructios as well.

Xircon, thank you so much for your input, as soon as I created the nano .conf file, reboot, now it seems to be working, I made a copy of the .conf file just in case another update will mess with the touchpad drive.

Thank you once again, to you all!