Touchpad // NO right click

Hi all
i just needed to setup Endeavour again on my laptop.
It is a fresh install, all new and shiny.

Gnome 3.36.4, kernel 5.7.10

it took a while after the installation until i noticed: there is no right-click on my Touchpad.
Machine is a Dell XPS13

No changes in the Gnome settings helped so far…
Can anybody please help?
Thanks, have a nice evening,

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Bildschirmfoto vom 2020-07-26 22-46-16

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GnomeTweak Tools
Keyboard and mouse
down at the bottom mouse click…
choose the one in the middle, it is “area” in German. clicking in the lower right corner brings up right click.


Have you checked to make sure everything looks good in libinput list-devices?


EDIT: Sorry, just realized you solved it after submitting my comment. I’ll leave it up for future reference as well as your solution.

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