TOS How many have you read?

Cant say I ever read any TOS of any program/application I have ever used, and that s been since before windblows 95 was released to the masses. I just click on through when it comes time to read it, (I should probably prepare myself for the black suits to come knocking at my front door. ):face_with_peeking_eye: I have read a little of google TOS, but fell asleep. I don t even think I got through the first page. I just read this forums TOS. I can not really compare it s terms to any other. It sounds real nice and fuzzy though, reasonably fair, (until ones post gets flagged to never-land.) It s all nice and cozzy until one becomes an outlier. It all reminds me of something…““It s the year 1984 on a bright cold day in April, (It s April :rofl:), and the clocks are striking thirteen”, which defines the peculiar characteristics of our modern tyranny. Winston Smith, the protagonist, works as a censor in the Ministry of Truth in a constant updating of history to suit present circumstances and shifting alliances. He and his fellow workers are controlled as a mass collective by the all-seeing and all-knowing presence of Big Brother. In 1984 television screens watch you, and everyone spies on everyone else. Today it is social media that collects every gesture, purchase, comment we make online, and feeds an omniscient presence in our lives that can predict our every preference. This regime aims to eradicate words and the ideas and feelings they embody. Its real enemy is reality. Tyrannies attempt to make understanding the real world impossible: seeking to replace it with phantoms and lies.” And in this case, anything deemed “harassing, inappropriate, or abusive”, in the name of Harmony. For those who didn t catch it that s about George Orwells book 1984. I think it s a must read right now as I think he made a monumentally accurate prediction of the future for mankind, and the world we would all live in. What does his book have to do with a TOS you might ask? One doesn t have to be a Rocket Scientist…
I m no plagiarist so here:

I think what Orwell’s 1984 did to some people is the same thing what 4ch-educated people think what women from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World did to young men.



Love that movie!

How fitting. Glad to see the admins are contributing.