Torrent verification

The currenlty offered Torrent uses a tracker that is expired.

Is it possible to tag some dev about that?

Thats odd, I just downloaded the torrent without any problem using Transmisson.

I did not get any error messages.

Do you have problems with other torrents, or is it just this one?

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Does Transmission even check on SSL?

KTorrent is used in my example, I will try another download, once I am at the machine.

As you can see, is the verification reported to be outdated since 13. April, so it could be that nobody reported and/or fixed it until since encryption is less of a concern to them.

I am actually not sure, and as I use other means to hide my tuchus, I really haven’t bothered to investigate.

Do so.

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Where did you get this torrent from, our most recent iso was created in May and not April?

When you read, you can see that I said the verification of the tracker phased out in April.

I never, at any point, said anything about the date of the download or the age of the ISO.

I used, of course, the current ISO.