Tor Browser app image not working

Hello all, first time here. I just installed EOS and i really like how simple and minimal its layed out. After doing some configurations to my pleasing i downloaded from the official website the tor browser. I unzipped the folder and run it, and to my surprise it didnt run. It closed immediately it seems . Any idea what may cause this?

why not just install tor from the official repos?

a simple
sudo pacman -S tor
should be all you need provided your system is updated if not use
sudo pacman -Syu tor

yes i will do that, just curious to know what would be the reason for it to not work. thnks anyway!

What you need is the package torbrowser-launcher which downloads, verifies and installs the TOR browser.

With tor you will get other functionalities but not the browser.


By the way, in the title it says app image. Is that tor browser in appimage format?
Where did you get that from? As far as I know, there is no official appimage for tor browser.

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So at when you select linux it will download a folder which have a tor.desktop file (executable). it looks like a windows portable app. Maybe im being wrong calling it appimage…

That’s right.

Yes, you could run the binary without installing as a sort of portable app.

Appimage refers to a packaging format for packaging and running applications in a Linux system without installing it.

And thats the issue. Tor.desktop runs on manjaro and not on endeavour. I mean its not an issue per se (as i already installed the tor + tor launcher from the arch repos) but smth i noticed and wanted to share here.

In the directory where you have start-tor-browser.desktop, open a terminal and run:


See if it outputs something that may give you a clue as what might be the problem.

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Hm now its working… weird


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