Top 5 Best Arch Linux Distros For Everyone

EndeavourOS is at the top of the list.


No surprise for me at all; it works very well!

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Pretty good list on there too, I hadn’t heard of Bluestar and Mabox before.

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Everyone knew Endeavouros would be top but glad to see ArchLabs in the top 5.

would be what i would use if EndeavourOs would not be here :wink:
The best cli based installer existing for archbased.


Best Arch Linux distros . . .

And Arch isn’t even on the list, nevermind on top of it? Oy.

It does feel good to be on top though. Well done everyone.


They only do WM’s though right? I think I tried their i3 a while back.

  1. EndeavourOS
  2. Manjaro
  3. ArcoLinux
  4. forget it
  5. forget it
    all other spots: forget it

“forget it” includes Arch itself. I’m still quite noob about Linux intricacies, otherwise this would be different. No need to install it while I have at least one in which I don’t have to deal with a freakin’ Python script calling itself an installer and otherwise I have to pull all hair out of my arms.

EDIT: did this list before looking at the article. RebornOS isn’t even mentioned, however only with GNOME it installed successfully for me, because I didn’t want XFCE. They need to get the installation errors sorted out, otherwise it’s not for people who have slow Internet connections. Interestingly the article author must have been stuck thinking Garuda is best for gaming, but all his screenshots were with XFCE or with W.M.

One of the very first ones missing:


I like Mabox. In my opinion it’s probably one of the best arch based openbox distros. I have it installed on one of my older laptops and it works perfectly.


I like EOS because it is not bundled with useless bs like many others.


I to choose EOS for its simple installation and small footprint. However It really wouldn’t matter which distro it is the look and feel will be pretty much the same as I have the wm/de environment set up how I want.

I could use any of the five listed and not tell a difference. I am an antergos leftover LOL. EndeavourOS took over where they left off. Or It appears that way to me.

Things I look for when I choose an OS and a WM/DE platform are 1 how easy to setup for me. I don’t want to wait 20 + minutes for programs to be removed from system so I look for those that offer minimum packages. I only need to install packages on EOS where as others usually several things to remove.

At the end of the day it boils down to one’s own personal preferences.

There is no distro that’s best for everyone.

I can only speak for myself. For me, the best distro is clearly EndeavourOS, especially because of this community. But the distro itself is great, too, especially when I remove all the blo  stuff from the endeavouros repo – then it’s just as good as vanilla Arch :rofl:


sailing :sailboat: with us !


It was my fault giving ArcoLinux a try with KDE. Over 600k files leaving me with less than 10GiB from 27GiB home partition, nope.

But my first installation of that with XFCE has been sluggish as of late. :sob:

Yay sailing to the rescue makes me happy!

I have to admit I chickened out of Archbang because I don’t trust “installers” run with Python anymore. I would be glad to try again if they could at least employ cfdisk like Void Linux did when I tested it.

That itch was hard to get off. I had to try twice running “abinstall” script because I ran into a small problem with bootloader install, picked “/boot/efi” for “systemd-boot” and desired to cancel so it went into an endless loop. :man_facepalming: Nice winter, however!

We already know EOS is at the top!