Too many files on desktop

Well, I have a dual monitor setup, and quite some files and folders on my Desktop. This has worked for me like forever. Until today. All my Icons where gone, half of my folders as well. I opened Dolphin and checked ~/Desktop - well, everything is were it shall be, but got not shown on the Desktop. So I checked journal:

sudo journalctl -p 3 -xb
Sep 13 19:54:15 neuromancer plasmashell[1422]: org.kde.plasma.folder: Greater than 4096 files and folders on the desktop; this is too many to map their positions in a performant way! Not adding any more position mappings.
Sep 13 19:54:15 neuromancer plasmashell[1422]: org.kde.plasma.folder: Greater than 4096 disabled files and folders; this is too many to remember their position in a performant way! Not adding any more position mappings.

Well. I was quite surprised. It has quite some files, but not so many:

find . ~/Desktop/ |wc -l

What’s going on here? Plasma bug?

Rule of thumb never keep anything on the desktop. I have a desktop just for Dolphin and I keep two windows with 5 tabs between them open at all times for the items I need quick access to. As for your issue I’ve seen this at various times not just with the Desktop.

This is because you are searching your entire current working directory, ., which I presume is your home directory, in addition to ~/Desktop/. :rofl:

Remove the dot from the command.

It’s your personal rule, if it works for you, that’s fine, but there is no technical downside to keeping a lot of files in the desktop directory. It’s a matter of personal preference in how people organise their stuff.


This rule would be inaccaptable for me - not using the Desktop “as it is meant to be” would be a killer.

Well. I forgot to mention that I cd’ed into the Desktop. The number stays almost the same:

find ~/Desktop/ |wc -l

This is way below 4096.

That is an opinion that one is meant to keep files on the desktop when in actuality one is meant to keep as little as possible on the desktop.

While no technical downside keeping anything on the desktop you shouldn’t keep anything can’t afford to lose on the desktop is asking for trouble. Too many times a system is humming along, all is fantastic and then out of what seems nowhere down it goes. One cannot always get back into the OS via tty or chroot, and sometime for what seems like no reason the drive goes tits up destroying all the data on it.

That’s not an opinion, that is a fact - at least on Windows, that is. And I can not think of anything in which KDE is supbar to Windows. And it has worked in the past, on Manjaro and EOS. And on Windows. And on MacOS. There is no rule to not put files on the desktop, but there are many things to configure it - it is also meant to work exactly this way. I can understand that too many files (like 4000+) can be troublesome, but not 500. I have currently 10 files and it is working.
So this is definitely buggy here, maybe file a bug with KDE? Funny thing is: I don’t find anything via Websearch, it seems a singular error…

That is factually incorrect.

Data in /home/$USER∕Desktop/ is in no way more prone to accidental deletion than data in any other subdirectory of /home/$USER∕

Of course, all data one cannot afford to lose must be backed up in multiple, external copies, but keeping it in the Desktop directory makes no difference at all.


I love that you try to disprove an opinion by citing an opinion.

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find is recursive, you should use ls :

ls -a1 ~/Desktop | wc -l

I have folders on my desktop, so recursive is intended…

I thought the problem was the positions on the desktop.

It is. If the issue is triggered, all icons and folders on my desktop are moved from their positions “in order” to the first (of two) displays. The order is completely random, and cannot be changed afterwards. On top of that not all files and folders are shown, but the missing files are still where they belong in the filesystem, the desktop just does not display them.

Then I guess what’s inside the folders doesn’t matter.

I would disagree - the folders are the reason there are so “many” files on my desktop. Currently I am up to 22 files, without any folder, and it is working currently. I will put more and more on it to better understand what is going on here.

I site a fact and you knew that before you made your quoted post. We have all seen systems go down where nothing is recoverable, so any any place in the system that one can’t afford to lose is loss. Now @Kresimir one should have backups of what they don’t want to lose, but more than half don’t.

This is what they are talking about…


Ignorance is no excuse. There are no participation trophies in arch. YMMV :hugs:

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I read it again, I’m sorry, the initial humor was lost to me thru the internet. I changed my view and read it more like I imagined something Vonnegut wrote and now I get it. I got a damn good laugh after that.

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As I stated we have all seen unrecoverable systems. Plase do not bs people. Your entire is pure dribble.

Can you please just try to be helpful? Thank you!

The fact is, many, if not every, Linux desktop have icons on their workspace by default.