Tochscreen calibration

I have a Panasonic toughbook with a touchscreen. It is way off calibration. I have previously (on debian systems) used the xinput-calibrator to rectify this without issue and have installed xinput with pacman but it does not calibrate at all. Can anyone make any suggestions please. I have read a few threads on touch screens but it is beyond my skill level to understand. I am new to arch systems.

It depends on your DE. Gnome and Plasma are good on this.
Plasma has an addon for wacom while there is a wacom-utility in AUR.
You can also try Xorg utility.

My apologies. I should have said I’m using xfce. The hardware is pretty old so I need a fairly lightweight desktop.

I don’t want to start a heated discussion about DEs but KDE might be lighter than you expect.
Install KDE alongside XFCE, create a new user, reboot and login to your new user with Plasma. Then decide on your own if it is lightweight or not. The new user is to avoid conflicts and reboot is to shutdown running (and possibly unnecessary on KDE) services.

And @petsam mentioned KDE and GNOME are the best options for touch.


I tried using gnome with the same negative result. I have discovered that the Fujitsu touch screen in this laptop is not recognised in Endeavouros. Using xfce in Debian (mx Linux 19.4) then xinput-calibrator works fine without problem. Some newer versions of Debian then the touch screen doesn’t calibrate. Could this be that the newer kernel has dropped support for the touch screen?

Did you try the known utilities?
I would expect at least to try what is advised, or explain why you won’t. Or there is no reason for anyone to try and help here… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I didn’t say that I wouldn’t try what has been suggested and I will get around to trying KDE. I am not that competent with Linux and certainly not with arch so please keep that in mind. I don’t know what the ‘know utilities’ are.

That’s why I included a link with that info. :person_shrugging:
Click, click, click… :computer_mouse: