To all the North-American members: Happy Thanksgiving weekend

From the entire EndeavourOS team we wish you a loving and warm time with your loved ones this Thursday.
We are thankful for supporting us from the beginning and we are very thankful for your positive input on the forum.

Enjoy your long weekend.


Thank you. May everyone here at the forum have many blessings to be thankful for.

Everyone talks about a White Christmas, but we are going to have a White Thanksgiving.

14 inches in 12 hours, still another 12 hours before it quits. If it continues at this rate, a little over an inch an hour, we could end up with over 2 feet of snow from this storm. DIA (Denver International Airport) is totally shut down. Nothing in, and nothing out. Thanksgiving travelers are already stranded at the airport.

I had to shovel a path for the dogs to go out and do their duties.



We had a white Halloween :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wonderful to see you back Bryanpwo! Many thanks for the Thanksgiving greeting.


Thanks for the well-wishes! I ought to point out though that it’s the USA’s Thanksgiving Day; Canada had its Thanksgiving on October 14th. I’m an American hanging out in Canada for the moment, so I can appreciate both. :smiley: I’m not sure if Mexico celebrates or not.

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Thank you for the explanation, I didn’t know that.


Thank you very much! Have a great day and weekend. Thank you for all you do, you have a great distro going here…



Welcome on the forum, enjoy your weekend.

A warm welcome to the forum masteroftroy!

Wonderful to hear that you’re enjoying the OS. I know the developers, and the beta testers, try their upmost to deliver an OS that they suspect people will use. And judging by users like yourself and myself - I think that they have “hit a home run”.

Enjoy your time with EndeavourOS.

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