My initial install of EOS created an fstab file which included the following lines:

UUID=blahblahblacksheep   /tmp           ext4    defaults,noatime 0 2
tmpfs                                     /tmp           tmpfs   defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 0

Yes, everything is on SSD, well, two SSD’s tbh.

This is my first time with a specific partition for /TMP so i wasn’t sure what to expect … but i thought this might be a plan…
However, that last line, starting “tmpfs” has me stumped.
Why are both these lines created?
Are both of these lines needed?
Why are there these lines?
No specifically, why are there two of them?

That is wrong. You shouldn’t have both of those.

By default we use a tmpfs for /tmp. If you setup your own mount for /tmp, the tmpfs one is no longer needed.

That being said, using a dedicated partition for /tmp seems like a waste to me.

TLDR version. You should only have one of those. Remove the extra one.


Thanks @dalto

Yes, during the installation process, when i was manually defining them i did include a /TMP partition as i had more space available than i had originally planned (the larger drive had been better value and i’m a tight old git). Having a /TMP just seemed like a good idea…
Besides, it’s only 10 gig off the total and it keeps the stuff that’s being binned @reboot away from other stuff. Besides calculating all the partition sizes in MB when i knew what i wanted in GB and saving the “right” amount of space (in the exact amount of MB) which i wanted at the end of the drive for a swap file (but without making life easy by making the “last” partition sooner) kept my old brain active a little longer.

Thanks again, i have noted yours as the solution.

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