TLP and Thermald shipped by default with EnOS?

Hello everyone !
Hello Team !

I’ve done couple of installations of EnOS and found that it will be a great thing to actually get the coming release shipped with TLP and Thermald in their default state.
Leaving it up to the user to tune it at his own taste, i’ve noticed there are people from all side who comes to linux and never eared of TLP nor Thermald and other people who already are long time users who forget to install it and at a certain time come and complain about battery draining.

I don’t know much about the coming kernel54 and if it will bring some better power consumption stuff but to be safe, EnOS should ship those, unless it comes against the policies !

Blessings !


If we ship and enable them per default, users will complain if it doesn’t work, and it will do this on some devices, linking to configure on your own will make you able to know about and teaching you the way it works.

There are also some different frameworks and thermald, TLP are not what will be the best solution for everyone and every device.


Only to not confuse anyone…
Currently we do enable TLP per default as prevention task to not overheat system. (08-2021)