Tlp and power-profiles-daemon are in conflict

I’m trying to perform a full system upgrade but a message pops up saying that tlp and power-profiles-daemon are in conflict:

:: Starting full system upgrade...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
:: tlp and power-profiles-daemon are in conflict. Remove power-profiles-daemon? [y/N]

If I press no it doesn’t go further with the upgrade and I read on the arch forum that power-profiles-daemon is needed for Gnome which im running at the moment.

What should I do?

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Recently I had the same “conflict” updating my EnOS-Gnome system.
I choose to replace power-profiles-daemon but then I realized the options for setting the cpu-scaling in the “control menu” was gone. Also gone were they from the Power section of the Settings:


So I removed tlp and re-installedpower-profiles-daemon.

You could remove tlp prior to update the system to avoid this issue.

Or if you want to use tlp for the power managment of your system just go ahead and replace power-profiles-daemon.


" Note: power-profiles-daemon conflicts with other power management services such as TLP, tunedAUR and system76-powerAUR. To use one of the aforementioned services instead without uninstalling power-profiles-daemon (due to its potential status as a dependency), disable the power-profiles-daemon service by masking it (see also [1], [2]). "

info here " "


yea seems Gnome now depending on it so using GNOME needs to remove TLP and use [power-profiles-daemon] instead… what is a good thing as it is integrated into Gnome Settings.

I think anyone using KDE will find the same - both of the large DEs have settled on power-profiles-daemon.

So I can remove tlp before the update and nothing should break?

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I don’t think anything broke for me when I switched.

Yes. It’s safe to remove tlp prior to updating.

so how can I switch power profiles, is it terminal or gui? I use cinnamon here. Can’t find it in the system tray.

powerprofilesctl --help
  powerprofilesctl COMMAND [ARGS…]

  help       Print help
  version    Print version
  get        Print the currently active power profile
  set        Set the currently active power profile
  list       List available power profiles
  list-holds List current power profile holds
  launch     Launch a command while holding a power profile

Perhaps some keyboard shortcuts might work.

$ powerprofilesctl list 
* performance:
    Driver:     intel_pstate
    Degraded:   no

    Driver:     intel_pstate

    Driver:     intel_pstate

Thanks! so the power profile image you show above (previous post to this one) works on gnome only? I saw that also on pop OS some time ago.

I guess so. Unless other DE:s are integrating it as well. KDE is using power-profiles-daemon as well if I am not mistaken.

@joekamprad has made a power menu for i3wm.

Just saw that, thats pretty cool!

$ powerprofilesctl list
    Driver:     platform_profile
    Degraded:   no

* balanced:
    Driver:     platform_profile

    Driver:     platform_profile

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Perhaps your system is using another driver?

Did you try to switch between different modes and check if it works?


yes it switched. I don’t now what platform_profile means. I have a hybrid intel/nvidia card but currently using intel but the laptop was draining significant battery, I feel like more than before when using tlp. I tried now to switch to powerprofilesctl set power-saver, I think it works.

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I was curious about something. I notice there are also related packages:

  • hdparm
  • iw

So if you remove this way:

❯ sudo pacman -Rns tlp
checking dependencies...

Package (3)  Old Version  Net Change

hdparm       9.62-1        -0.18 MiB
iw           5.16-1        -0.27 MiB
tlp          1.4.0-1       -0.43 MiB

Should hdparm and iw also be removed when uninstalling tlp?

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If they were installed as dependencies then they’ll be removed when you pass -s to pacman -R

-s, --recursive      remove unnecessary dependencies
                     (-ss includes explicitly installed dependencies)

The iw and hdparm packages were removed.

Now i will have to research how to use the new power profiles and shutdown my Bluetooth radio on login.

Thank you.

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