Tips: Using Dolphin on Gnome

I’ve used both Plasma KDE and Gnome DE with EndeavourOS, while the Gnome provides a better experience on Wayland, some KDE default applications are really good compared to Gnome ones. The file manager Dolphin is an example according to my personal preference, which is better than Nautilus.
So I tried to install Dolphin on Gnome, but it looks weird and different from what I experienced under KDE. The panel looks ugly and lacks icons for some types of files, which are necessary to be fixed.

The solution:


to configure the appearance of Dolphin(since its GUI is QT based), you also need


package (can be installed by yay or pacman) since Breeze is the default theme in Plasma KDE.

next, append this line


to your system environment variables at /etc/environment

Run qt5ct and under the tab of Icon Theme, choose Breeze and apply.

voilà, now the Dolphin looks the same as it is in the KDE environment.


Proper handling of environment variables that depend on which DE you use, should be done in user folder relevant/appropriate files, using conditional tests for the active environment.

The topic solution is not only for Dolphin… :thinking:


To my understanding, the problem with Dolphin in Gnome is that Dolphin (as well as KDE) is QT based, while Gnome is GTK based, so the themes that come together with Gnome can’t be applied to QT applications, where the qt5ct and QT themes like Breeze become necessary. So that means, any QT applications used in a GTK environment(with GUI problems) can be solved in this way, am I right?

As a newbie to Linux, this is not very clear to me. Could you be more specific(like for my situation), or where can I learn more details about appropriate environment variables settings for DE?

Thank you in advance!

The solution is to use KDE. Wayland works fine on it. There are lots of distributions that run KDE with Wayland. Matter of fact installing Arch with KDE desktop uses Wayland.

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Or even better, use KDE with on Xorg.

how does one recognize a KDE troll? They keep saying use KDE use KDE in the gnome (and other) forum sections. :rofl:

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I’m just trying to solve the OP’s problem. :man_shrugging:

I just don’t understand why linux users want to take a desktop designed to use certain packages and try to implement them on a desktop that is designed to use something entirely different. It makes no sense to me. Hmm i think I’ll use some Gnome extensions on Plasma. :thinking:


:point_up: Exactly!

I wouldn’t dream of using Nautilus on my KDE. Well, I wouldn’t in general, because it’s awful, but regardless… Even if it were good, it would only be a reason to use ɢɴᴏᴍᴇ. Not a very good reason, but still… You get what I mean. :rofl:

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Just tried this madness, cause I didn’t know how to navigate to a path in Files. (Now I know, it’s CTRL+L)

However, it didn’t work with the Breeze Dark Theme, just with Breeze, and yeah, it wasn’t very pretty either …

Madness indeed.