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Any option to setup small icons on tab ?

:thinking: . i dont see options in settings.

Instead of posting a huge screenshot, it would have been better to mention the DE and the name of the terminal (on a screenshot one does not have to be able to recognize this also necessarily):

Xfce, xfce4-terminal

The main appearance of programs is determined centrally (iconsets, fonts etc.), e.g. for KDE/Qt programs in the settings of Plasma. Here it is a Gtk(3) program on a Gtk3 based DE. I don’t use Xfce (only now in a VM) to tell you which graphical program is usually used.

After that you can still adjust the settings in some programs individually.

But you have a manpage? :wink:

The size of the icons isn’t adjustable with options. But you can hide them:

xfce4-terminal --hide-toolbar --show-menubar

Or you can hide the menubar, too. With [F10] you can display it.

This you could set permanent in “~/.config/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc”:


See also!

Btw., please use a meaningful subject in the future!

E.g. here “Icon size in the menu of xfce4-terminal”.