Tips for roguelikes?

So, I found a number of classic roguelikes in the repos (and AUR)… Any specifically recommended?

TIL what is a roguelike thanks to your post. :slight_smile:

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Wikipedia is your friend:

Angband is a great one, even if I prefer Stone Soup in tiles mode.

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Ohhh god… Roguelikes
I’ve played a few, but the “genre” in a roguelike seems to vary slightly. I’ve played ones specifically called Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon, and both, for beginners to maybe twinstick shooters, would kick your butt very hard.
A general tip I have for them? I hope I don’t sound cheesy or corny but; never give up, even when things aren’t looking great, something may or even just will turn up for you to turn a run around, dying in a roguelike is a learning experience.
(Note: Yeah, these are games on Steam and by extension nonfree, very fun though, and both native Linux games!)