Tip: Linking to a specific post in a thread

If you want to link to a specific post within a thread:

Goto the desired post within the thread. In the upper right of the post is a time stamp, such as 6d. Click on the time stamp and a URL will come for that post. Highlight the URL then Copy.

Then go to the post you are composing, click on the link icon, and enter in the URL from the clip board using paste.

I can’t show the entire URL because the forum will work it’s magic on it. The last part of the URL, the meaty part, will be in the following format.


The thread title: my-goodness-how-in-the-world-do-you-remove-xfce
Next, the thread number: 409
Then the post number and user: 10?u=Pudge

In this case, it’s thread 409 post 10 by Pudge. Now your link will go to a specific post, saving the reader time by not having to read the entire thread. Plus the reader will know exactly what post is desired and not be sidetracked by trying something in a different post.

Try it out here.

I try to think but nothing happens.


That’s good to know!

Thanks. :smiley:

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Thanks for the info
I try to think too but my head hurts? :laughing: