Timeshift not following theme settings

After a clean fresh install of EndeavourOS BSPWM edition I installed timeshift, timeshift-autosnap, and grub-btrfs. I notice that when I ran timeshift it is using a light theme while my theme setting in lxappearannce is Arc-Dark. I suspect this has something to do with timeshift being run as root or sudo (at least it is asking for my password). Google searches gave me some possible matches, but I couldn’t understand exactly what was being said.

Can someone explain how to get this to run my chosen theme like I was a ten-year-old?

Are you really bothered by how Timeshift GUI looks like? How often do you use Timeshift GUI? When I had it installed, I used it exactly once to configure automatic snapshots. I survived it having a wrong theme.

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All of your points are irrelevant to my question. I’m glad you survived, I’m sure I would too, but I know it can have a dark theme as I’ve seen it on YouTube videos. I’d just like to know how it can be done.

Have a look at these two links:


They seem to propose two different approaches (?) however they may give you some clue as to what is involved.

Good luck!

@pebcak thank you. I will look at those when I get time. I’m currently busy working on other projects.