Timeshift issue?

I recently installed timeshift and timeshift-autosnap to one of my new installs. When it goes to do a backup during an update I get this message:

:: Running pre-transaction hooks...
(1/2) Creating Timeshift snapshot before upgrade...

(process:5429): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: 20:14:59.182: g_file_get_path: assertion 'G_IS_FILE (file)' failed

** (process:5429): CRITICAL **: 20:14:59.183: tee_jee_file_system_path_combine: assertion 'path1 != NULL' failed

** (process:5429): CRITICAL **: 20:14:59.183: tee_jee_file_system_dir_exists: assertion 'dir_path != NULL' failed
Mounted '/dev/sda1' at '/run/timeshift/backup'

It’s making the backups nonetheless, though I haven’t tested a restore yet. Any thoughts?

Did you tried to refresh keyring ?

sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys

For some reason i did not notice it earlier but the timeshift GUI crashes, it does not matter if i use plane Arch or Endeavouros it works if use timeshift in the terminal, and create snapshots and restore that also works fine but only if i do it in the gui it bails out without any warning. for example on my arch system it gives this error : Bail out! ERROR:/var/tmp/pamac-build-redblizzard/timeshift/src/timeshift/src/Utility/TeeJee.Misc.vala.c:516:string_replace: code should not be reached.

And on my main system with endeavouros bspwm it bails out in the gui the same way but , this also also happens on a clean install? could this something have to do with all the grub issues we had ?

First thing: you’re replying to a post from nearly 2 years ago! :grin:

Second thing is yeah the Timeshift GUI started to crash for me also, quite soon after beginning a snapshot run. I could not make sense of the journal output. I was using Timeshift in rsync mode anyway so I have quit using it and am just using rsync as instructed in the Arch wiki. I feel happier with this as I am now not using an AUR app for system backup. I am not doing automated snapshots though, just one full system backup which gets modified every time.

Regarding grub and the issues, no that won’t make any difference. Grub is just there to boot the system, that is all it does. Some change has caused the problem with Timeshift, some dependency, but not Timeshift itself because that has not been updated recently.

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I’m using timeshift-bin from AUR with no issues at all, maybe you can try this instead the one you’re using… from pamac?

yay -S timeshift-bin in a terminal does the same thing as installing from pamac, but is a better way to do it. Using pamac has been found to put a heavy load on the Arch servers. Because of this they have blocked it a few times. It should not really be used. There is no difference in installing via pamac, you get the same packages as using other AUR helpers like yay or paru, and there others too.

@wordler yeah i know it was two years old this subject, but it was still open. and i was just curious
if there where more people with the same problem. And i already did notice installing it with yay or paru gives the same problem. could this be GTK related because it is only the GUI that crashes without any warning what so ever. I did see the error when i open the Gui from with in the terminal.

Yeah could be some GTK thing. Timeshift doesn’t seem to be updated that often, but I would imagine it may get fixed on the next update perhaps. If you’re OK using it with the terminal then you don’t have much of a problem really! :sweat_smile:

@RedBlizard @wordler

This is caused by the recent update to glib2 2.74.0-1

Downgrading to glib2 2.72.3 restores proper GUI functionality. Timeshift CLI is unaffected.

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Timeshift’s development has been taken over by Linux Mint since a while now.
Perhaps its development will follow the cycle of how everything else is updated/upgraded on Mint’s side?

Would this mean that this sort of glitches will be more frequent now on a rolling release’s update rate.

Downgrading might perhaps be an occasional remedy but what if, in the long run, everything else depending on the specific package starts “misbehaving” because of their dependency on a newer version of the package?

:eye: pactree -r glib2 -s

Agreed. Downgrading critical packages should only be done briefly. It’s not a permanent solution on rolling distros.

If this sort of glitches are recurring then i might move to using rsync altogether.
Seeing as i use timeshift on ext4.

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Wasn’t there something that the developer of Timeshift has given up and the further development has now been taken over by theLinux Mint?

Arch has an update for glib2 package as 2.74.0-2 which also fixes this timeshift issue.

Yep. https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2022/06/linux-mint-new-developers-of-timeshift

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  1. Timeshift is now being developed by the Linux Mint team. On their GitHub, you will find an issue opened which is similar to this one
  2. I have glibc2 2.74.0-1 and Timeshift was not working for me. It is all of a sudden working today.
  3. On the CLI, yesterday, Timeshift CLI was always displaying progress as 0.0% and would not move forward.
  4. I haven’t tested the GUI yet, the CLI is working even with progress percentage now
  5. I have posted on the Arch Forums about this issue, and nobody over there can tell me why my timeshift has automatically started working again, even though Glibc2 is not the one that apparently fixes the issue on my system

I just received an update to Glibc2 v 2.74.0-2 please let me know if you have as that may have fixed the issue

@attishno1 I have the update Glibc2 v 2.74.0-2 to but still no change.

Did you reboot the system? Apparently on the Arch Linux forums, someone said you also need to reboot the system.

Yeah i did reboot my system, still no luck.

The GUI doesn’t work? Or even the CLI doesn’t work?