Timeshift GUI does not open

Finally decided to try snapshots, so i did a fresh install of Endeavour with brtfs and hyprdots, but sadly timeshift doesn’t want to open. The window to type the password appears but them nothing happens. I activated the cronie service and the CLI tool seems to be working, but the GUI app does not open. I’m using this dots : https://github.com/prasanthrangan/hyprdots so maybe i’m missing some graphic package that ships with more traditional desktop environments ?

Do you have xorg-xhost installed?

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No, i don’t

It looks like it needs it if you use wayland. See if it works if you install it.

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Yeah, it opens now :v Thank you ! But how did you know ?

The error message tells you what is wrong. It says xhost is missing.

If you don’t which package that command is in, you can use pkgfile xhost or pacman -F xhost to see which packages contain that file.

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This is not the first time something like this happen with me using wayland. I guess i will have to research more before downloading, pacman alone won’t handle all the dependencies.

You need to consider optional dependencies.

If you look at pacman -Qi timeshift you will see that one of the optional dependencies is xorg-xhost. It tells you it is needed for “Wayland authorization”

It also shows those when you install the package.


That’s awesome. This will make things easier from now on, thank you again.


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