[TimeShift + BTRFS + Grub] Small suggestion

Hi all,

I’m a brand new EndeavourOS user. Just made the switch from another distro and so far I am very impressed!

I’ve installed Timeshift on BTRFS and made snapshots available in the Grub boot manager using the article here.

In addition to the steps described in this article, I had to perform 2 small additional steps in order for the grub bootmenu to regenerate automatically upon the creation of a new snapshot. (grub-btrfsd service) Just wanted to share this in case other folks encounter the same behavior. And maybe for the Team to consider including in the article.

Before enabling the grub-btrfsd service (last step in the article, perform these 2 additional steps:
1. Install inotify-tools:

sudo pacman -S inotify-tools

2. Change the default config of grub-btrfsd

// I improved the below instruction per the suggestion of @pebcak , thank you!
Edit the systemd unit file using sudo systemctl edit --full grub-btrfsd

# Change the executable line to the following, otherwise TimeShift snaphots are not recognized
ExecStart=/usr/bin/grub-btrfsd --syslog --timeshift-auto


Welcome to EnOS’ community @Kevin!

If you permit me a comment: if you want the changes made to grub-btrfsd to stick, you might want to make it in the corresponding file at /etc/systemd/system.

/usr/lib/systemd/system/grub-btrfsd.service is delivered by grub-btrfs package and will most probably be overwritten next time there is an update to grub-btrfs.

Look into systemctl edit


Thank you, much appreciated! I changed step 2 based on our suggestion.

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Use btrfs-assistant, best backup tool :slight_smile: and easy to use