Tilix is amazing!

I’m now on Cinnamon and using tilix as my terminal. It is a truly mastertool of a tiling terminal. I suggest you guys try it out.

I used to use tilix but it is not maintained anymore since last year:

I moved to terminator.

i would also recommend terminator instead:

I guess I don’t get it. gnome-terminal-transparency is fine for me. I think I’m just getting old and lazy now though.

I do like tilix though, it was nice having the split terminal windows.

you can always try tmux :slight_smile:

I just tried terminator. I was not impressed, what is the difference between terminator and the terminal that comes with Enos?

terminator makes tiles in terminal , with normal terminal can it also but then you need tmux but is a workload to learn and config

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I like tilix, and I still use it on my gnome laptop for when I want to tile terminals.

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terminator is a tiling terminal like tilix. So instead of having several terminal windows open, you only have one terminator window which contains all open terminal sessions. Many people, like myself, like this because desktop handling and application switching is a lot easier if you have less windows.

I discovered Tilix a few months ago as well. Does not matter to me that it is not maintained. The program does what I want and have yet to encounter issues or bugs.

But I can also highly recommend it!

Tilix is stil maintained … there is just nothing much going on currently…

if there is any issues with it or any logs to bring, bring on there github, and it get fixed?

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I used tilix since it has a quake mode, but now I created a config for terminator in order to yield the same:

  hide_from_taskbar = True
  always_on_top = True
  hide_on_lose_focus = True
  hide_window = F12
    background_darkness = 0.8
    background_type = transparent
    cursor_color = "#aaaaaa"
    background_color = "#171421"
    background_darkness = 0.8
    background_type = transparent
    cursor_color = "#aaaaaa"
    foreground_color = "#d0cfcc"
    show_titlebar = False
    scrollbar_position = hidden
    palette = "#171421:#c01c28:#26a269:#a2734c:#12488b:#a347ba:#2aa1b3:#d0cfcc:#5e5c64:#f66151:#33da7a:#e9ad0c:#2a7bde:#c061cb:#33c7de:#ffffff"
      type = Window
      parent = ""
      type = Terminal
      parent = window0
      profile = default

I autostart terminator by issuing terminator --profile=quake --geometry=814x578-0+28 --hidden

Please let me know if someone uses this is in a comparable way, or if there are improvements to my approach.


I don’t understand how terminator creates tiles? It’s not like Tilix.

It is. Use Cntrl-O or Cntrl-E in the terminal. Or you can right click into the terminator window instead.
Once you have several tiled windows you can rearrange them with the mouse.

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Neither Ctrl-E or O are doing anything.
Ok, right clicking inside did it. Thanks!

It is actually Cntrl-shift-O and Cntrl-shift-E. sorry.

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