Thunderbird Spamming "Add Security Exception"

Thunderbird is spamming me with the following message:
image is a nextcloud instance I used to use. It has been deleted from my nextcloud client. I only use Thunderbird with Protonmail and never used it with this nextcloud instance. So Thunderbird connects to my protonmail-bridge which connects to the Protonmail servers.

I do not wish to trust the certificate nor connect to cloudamo. Is there a way for me to delete this certificate/connection?

Wow, I am a very heavy Thunderbird user and have never seen a popup like the one above. I am not sure how Thunderbird spams you, but since you posted this in a Applications category, I assume you think the application itself is spamming or at least not marking the mail SPAM

We run other mail servers with TB as the MUA, and have never seen a message with “”.

Most of our mail goes through a paranoid trigger happy beysian filtering, so I doubt this could happen. Still I added the string to the servers.

So you say this spam is getting through DMARC, DKIM, SPF security protocols and they don’t even have a valid SSL certicate on the site?

The screenshot is not from an email, it’s a pop-up alert box. I have no clue why it tries to connect to my old nextcloud provider.

Unless you can discretely analyse data packets with Wireshark, I would just pull the plug.

Found an entry in the calendar pointing to it since nextcloud is used for calendar syncing.

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