Thunderbird and Gnome Workspaces

Thunderbird has always been my go-to MUA on Linux.

I briefly had the Gnome 41.5 installed and noticed the workspace thumbnail is empty when opening Thunderbird, but dismissed it.

Now I am on a clean Gnome 42.1 and I still see the empty workspace. Has anyone with the same combination experiencing this?

I do not post this on Scotty’s Gnome 42 Bugs thread, because it was on 41. I will post screenshot when I get back to the desktop. Thanks.

Can you explain ‘workspace thumbnail’? Maybe this? Or the original Gnome one?

Yes. See how Thunderbird is loaded and the thumbnail is empty.

See how the thumbnail is empty. It’s not a big deal to me, but since workspace 1 shows a thumbnail, it would be nice if Thunderbird appeared.

After opening and closing with the superkey it refreshes the workspace thumbnail and the Thunderbird thumbnail is magically populated.

I am not sure if it is a Thunderbird/Gnome thing or Gnome and other packages I am yet to discover.

So, has anyone experienced this?

In my former post, I was trying to hint at issues reported on the link I gave, someone there mentioned similar things. Sorry but I don’t use Gnome so frequently. Do you have gnome-tweaks installed and tried messing with the number of workspaces shown in the bar? - I gather these workspace-thumbnails generally are an add-on to the Gnome desktop, so the root-cause may be there, not T’bird.

Further reading through the comments on that page shows, the extension was developed for Gnome 30 something… apparently it does not work for newer versions yet.

From the developer:

It’s made for 3.34, as you can see. In GS 3.36, you just have to edit the Workspace Indicator official extension : search “vertical” and set it to false in the good function. Your layout will still be vertical but it will show the thumbnails in the panel instead of the number.

This is a very tiny fork of the original (GNOME official extension) Workspace Indicator, allowing to use it like when the Horizontal Workspaces extension is activated. The vertical workspaces layout is not modified; the workspaces layout is horizontal only in the top panel and the workspaces switcher in the overview is still showed. Please note that any global bug should be reported against the Workspace Indicator extension.

The latter one, a simple workspace indicator without showing any thumbnails at all, isn’t trouble-free, either:



I do have it installed, but it does not fix this.

It seems to be the case. Still, I am confident Gnome will get packages to respect GTK4. Thanks for looking into it.

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