Thunar Splitview permanently set

I was annoyed that Thunar still has no setting to set the splitview permanently.
So I searched for a solution and also found which I would not like to withhold you now.

For this we need to create at least 1 entry with xfconf-query. I have found a 2nd setting which I will also would like to explain also immediately.

All settings I describe here for the console input it works but also graphically with the
“Settings editing” in the settings of Xfce.

For this we have to create the entry “/misc-open-new-windows-in-split-view” in the Chanel Thunar with the value type “bool” and the
value “true”.

  1. create and activate splitview entry.
    xfconf-query -c thunar -p /misc-open-new-windows-in-split-view -n -t bool -s true

From now on Thunar should always start in splitview.

  1. additionally the splitview can be done horizontally.
    xfconf-query -c thunar -p /misc-vertical-split-pane -n -t bool -s false

I set the value here to false because I like the vertical split. Otherwise just set it to true.

  1. if you don’t need a horizontal scrollbar in the view and you have a mouse with two wheels you can also use the second wheel
    to change the folder levels. This setting is limited to Thunar.
    xfconf-query -c thunar -p /misc-horizontal-wheel-navigates -n -t bool -s true

  2. list channels
    xfconf-query -l

  3. list a channel with properties and values. Example:Thunar
    xfconf-query -c thunar -lv

  4. invert / toggle values Example: /misc-vertical-split-pane
    xfconf-query -c thunar -p /misc-vertical-split-pane -T

Attention: I found out that the settings in Thunar in the tab “Behavior” under “Tabs and windows” do not support the split-pane.
“Tabs and windows” can influence the splitview. I have only set “Show full directory paths in tab title”.
in the tab title". The setting “Restore tabs on startup” breaks the splitview again.
But I can live with that. :wink:

That was it. I hope I could provide a little interest or clarification.