Thunar doesn't mount Android devices

I have installed gvfs-mtp, thunar-volman, android-tools, android-udev & enabled file transfer on the phone, which is running Android 11. I shouldn’t have to, but I have also enabled usb debugging and authorized the fingerprint. I have enabled Volume Management in Thunar, and enabled ‘mount removable drives when hot-plugged’, ‘mount removable media when inserted’, and ‘browse removable media when inserted’. I have also tried two different usb cables and usb ports.

The phone mounts fine in Nemo. Manually specifying the mtp adress in Thunar does not work. This does not affect usb drives, which are automatically mounted in both file managers.

Output of pacman -Si thunar

Repository      : extra
Name            : thunar
Version         : 4.16.10-1
Description     : Modern file manager for Xfce
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             :
Licenses        : GPL2  LGPL2.1
Groups          : xfce4
Provides        : None
Depends On      : desktop-file-utils  libexif  hicolor-icon-theme  libnotify  libgudev  exo  libxfce4util  libxfce4ui  libpng
Optional Deps   : gvfs: trash support, mounting with udisk and remote filesystems
                  tumbler: thumbnail previews
                  thunar-volman: removable device management
                  thunar-archive-plugin: archive creation and extraction
                  thunar-media-tags-plugin: view/edit ID3/OGG tags

What more can I do?

You got me there! Thunar automounts my phone just fine if I get it to do that kind of connection at all (flaky usb port) - so I don’t know what could stop it.

I just avoid the whole question by ssh when file moving is needed…