Thunar can't mount drives after update

Posting this in XFCE section because it seems like the least inappropriate category.

About a week ago I did a pacman -Syu and rebooted, and after that, thunar was unable to mount any drive that shows up under “devices” in the sidebar. It always gave this nonspecific error:

Error mounting /dev/sda1 at /run/media/kyle/[bunchofnumbers]: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.

It wasn’t an NTFS issue, because it did the same on all my fat32 or ext4 external drives. mounting with the mount command or putting them in fstab worked with no issue.

Today I did pacman -Syu again and now external drives don’t even show up in thunar at all. Although manual mounting still works.

gvfs is installed, but I don’t know what systemd thingy it would be to check it’s status.

Edit: also, having a bunch of post-posting tutorial popups appear one after the other as I close them is horrendous web design.

EDIT2: Got a full list of systemd service files on my system. None are gvfs.

I’m not a good person to help because i’m a newbie but i use xfce and had this problem recently. I watched a video by brodie titled “how to: easy usb mounting on linux with udisks2 an udiskie” (he uses arch). I followed his instructions and it auto mounted and puts an icon in the system tray you can use to eject

Are you running in daemon mode? I am, had to kill the daemon and restart. All my drives are mounted via fstab and are all working:

Windows and an old WD my cloud.

Am I running what in daemon mode? gvfs? Thunar? Something else?

The system is however it comes when you install it, which is why I’m asking for help here. It broke without me touching it, and reinstalling gvfs did nothing.

Mounting via fstab is fine - for fixed disks. But flash drives exist, and it’s be great for them to just show up in the file browser when I plug them in, like they’re supposed to do.


Run this in a terminal:

ps aux | grep -i thunar


ps aux | grep -i thunar  
xircon     99281  0.3  0.2 757100 33960 pts/4    SNl+ 19:56   0:31 thunar --daemon

With no thunar windows open:

kyle       68798  0.0  0.0   6552  2416 pts/0    S+   22:32   0:00 grep -i thunar

So no daemon.

You know, I didn’t think this forum would be this dead. I guess I’ll just put up with the functionality being broken until I eventually move back to regular arch. At least that has an active community.

Its not that the forum is “dead” the issue is you give minimal information about your issue and expect us to pull a rabbit out the hat.

For future references why not when explaining your issue include things like logs also instead of waiting a week later when it is going to be harder to find and fix report as soon as the issue occurs. The way its explained here its just guess work and since people volunteer their time they don’t want to waste theirs or yours.

I gave literally all the information I have to give: The software, (a stock Endeavour OS XFCE4 install), the expected behavior, the actual behavior, the error message it gave, the approximate time period it broke, and what major event immediately preceded it breaking.

I also did some basic investigation using my prior knowledge of how this functionality is usually handled (GVFS is usually a systemd service…), but found nothing useful. I said that too.

I didn’t expect someone to “pull a rabbit out of a hat”, I was hoping that someone here would know how this functionality is actually handled on EOS to suggest relevant things for me to check. I expected that as a human being you would intuit that, because it’s really basic social skills.

If you would like to see a log, tell me which one. I am tempted to flatten and go back to plain arch anyway, the lack of documentation as to what exactly is installed oobe is rather turning my stomach.

Sorry your unpleased with the experience

lsblk -o name,type,size,PTTYPE,FSTYPE
cat etc/fstab