Thunar admin://%f not working

For some reason in my latest install of Xfce… I cannot define open as root.

thunar admin://%f

just gives me an error message “Operation Not Supported”. It worked before the reinstall a few days ago.

sudo thunar ,hello

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pkexec thunar
is what to use…

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So they’ve changed it again? I don’t use Thunar that often but decided to give it a shot instead of Nemo (it is, after all, the default for Xfce) and the page with instructions I had bookmarked was from 2018.
But fine, I’ll try that when I boot back in (playing Sims in Windows right now).

This how i do it too. :grinning:

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Worked like a charm, thank you.

i always use sudo thunar i did’t know nothing about
thunar admin://%f
after reading the thread i checked and surprised that it is working for me here. :thinking: