This page is slowing down Firefox

Any lead to troubleshoot this? It’s a chat.

This isn’t much information. :thinking:

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I know the phenomenon. Sometimes, when you browse a site with awful or very buggy Javascript, the JS engine of Firefox notes that the Javascript is running the CPU to capacity and asks if you might want to stop the Javascript thread.

Other than not browse sites that do that or use a tool like uMatrix or Noscript and filter the Javascript (and hope that the site is still usable), I do not know of a solution.


What information should I post? Clearing Firefox’s cache does not solve the problem. Snapshot from about:processes.

When you stop using that webpage - does firefox speed up?

You are trying to open a link that is ???
I can’t access this so can’t do much to answer anything about it. :man_shrugging:

i have no idea sorry… i have a low powered laptop and it is fast asf for me :frowning:

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Your original post is very unclear, just describe which page you were trying to open and perhaps share the process report when it’s happening.

Your question is the same as when you go to the supermarket and you ask the people who work there which aisle the food is. :wink:


I’ve create a new chat that is free of personal stuff. IF problem persists I’ll post it.