This message: no IRQ handler for vector

Famous error message, right? Had it like some years ago. And now again. Why oh why? And how do I get rid of it?

Ignore it for now. It’s a kernel glitch. It will probably just resolve itself next update. Seen them from time to time. If you want to test try different kernels like lts and see if the error persists. Worst case scenario bad drive cable or failing drive.

I’m on Manjaro, kernel 6.4.9-1. Usually no problem, it just started today. :confused:

Why use Manjaro when you have have EndeavourOS. :wink:

I know, Rick, and I’m deeply ashamed of my gurlish cowardice.

I love, that people using distros, just come here for a chat.

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And it’s much more than just that, Mihaly. I used to be an avid EOS user, even pretty early one. But the amount of work and maintennace made me switch back to Manjo in the end. This is still the bestest Linux forum tho. Period.

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Don’t be afeared! lol

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Like I said normal lol… :hugs:

kernel: __common_interrupt: 3.55 No irq handler for vector

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You should probably check on the Manjaro forum, it’s so far removed from Arch/EOS it’s hard to answer most questions about their issues here. Although as mentioned by bonk it’s probably nothing and will go away soon.

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It’s a pretty great place we’ve got here.