This big fat cute turkey is looking for an ultrabook

Gobble gobble!
I am looking for an ultrabook. What I want from a laptop from this category is to have some decent gaming capabilities(preferable amd since I had bad business with Intel) , portability and great battery life (so me and my poults can watch videos in the garden without worrying about the battery).
So I looked for some laptop and have found the following :

  1. Huawei matebook 14 AMD
  2. Lenovo ideapad slim 7 amd
  3. Acer swift 3

If someone can help me find a good ultrabook/review the mentioned ultrabooks if you have them, I will gladly allow you guys to eat turkey during Thanksgiving (and probably donate some turkey. We got some…uhhh…mean turkeys that cause mayhem in the garden…)

Have a nice gobble gobble!

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This is a well respected website, you only have to use some translator…

You might want to look at my Amazon review of the new Acer Swift X computer which uses the new AMD Ryzen 7 5800U processor with NVIDIA RTX 3050Ti graphics. I cannot comment on gaming capabilities as I am not a gamer, but battery life is superb (and charging time is the quickest I’ve ever experienced) and this computer is FAST.

I recommend that you also investigate this computer on Amazon’s product page as well as other sites and read the other reviews (although most of them refer to Windows).

I like mine very much.



From experience I can say Acer is, always was, and always will be something that gets me in trouble with the forum police when I type it out. :no_mouth:

I did fell in love with the lenovo laptop from my post, however reviewers pointed out that it gets hot…really hot…

You might be interested in some more open devices:

The last two ones have free delivery


I have one of these…

battery lasts about 5-6 hours depending on what you do with it…
One major downside is the memory though… it’s 8gig soldered, and 1 gig of that is reserved for the vega 8 graphics… which only leaves about 7 gig useable…

Screen brightness might be a tad too dim to be useable in full sunlight too… thought it was about 250 nits brightness.

Other than that no real complaints… the aluminium chassis looks nice, and feels sturdy… keyboard feels pretty good, Ryzen 3500u is snappy enough for most tasks, etc…

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starbook come in AMD ? Mk v that intel only ( that only info i find ) if know different pls share link. :pray: i get one if amd

I know only what’s on their site. Indeed they don’t seem to offer AMD variants.


Yeah, the laptop looks really nice (spec wise too). How strange that this is cheaper than the other ultrabooks that I have found. I might consider this one, tho if it was full amd it would have been much better in terms of Linux usage imo. Regardless, I might buy this one in the future (when it gets cheaper too). Thank you!

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One more thing. Most “linux laptops” are rebranded Clevo devices.
It might be interesting to check the clevo website directly. They offer more models and more CPU options (including AMD).

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