Think my disk has crashed and burned :(

super bytes used 633157873664 mismatches actual used 633157890048

Running btrfs-check & --repair from a live session and the above keeps repeating endlessly.

Any ideas?

Check for read / write errors on

sudo journalctl -b

If you see any errors, save your important data somewhere else and get a new disk. Otherwise, mount BTRFS read-only, copy data to somewhere else and reformat your disk.

Thanks guys, trying a reinstall, the disk is new, this is the third time btrfs has screwed me :smiley: Trying xfs this time.


My btrfs is installed with swap file. I install btrfs-assistant, snapper and snap-pac. Not had any issues. I’ve installed on these discs so many times it’s a wonder i haven’t worn them out yet.

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It seems no coincidence, but the serious problem is your hardware memory.
You should test CPU cache, RAM, data bus and disk with memtest and different test tools.
Btrfs error confused many people like me to believe wrong, but memory is faulty.

Otherwise you would get more corrupted data if keep using EXT4 or XFS without noticing.

Nope was the disk, couldn’t mount it or repair it. Laptop memory is fine. (And have seen it before :smiley: ).

There are some fake products around on the best-buy market, regardless which marketplace…

So I’d just trade it back, if it was bought recently.

Nope, bought it from a reputable supplier - btrfs is just pants (big and baggy).

I have Western Digital black m.2 drives and Western digital SSD. I have beat the hell out of them installing reinstalling erasing reformatting etc etc. I’m surprised i don’t have issues and i am using btrfs.

Are you not able to run any smart tests?

I know that’s reckless to trust your hardware without hard testing, but very hard to believe what Btrfs said correctly.

You can switch it to XFS or EXT4 and keep using it for a long time, it would not crash your system, then have fun with more corrupted data in the future, they will overwrite good version in other disks and cloud. That is your choice :wink:

But I think you’d better learn from new mistakes yourself.

See the example:

super bytes used 2322811310080 mismatches actual used 2325452951552
super bytes used 2322811244544 mismatches actual used 2322811277312
super bytes used 2322811228160 mismatches actual used 2322811244544

He thought at first and was angry that Btrfs was guilty and hellish like you think, but later he is proud of Btrfs after his research that his memory was indeed faulty. That happened the same as me, but my research was pretty hard because memtest can not help, but my new RAM (no ECC) was indeed damaged after buying, useless you think hardware is new, but you are blind and can not see a bit memory error in it.

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