Things just stoped working before update

It’s very weird, so I usually update my system every Friday, but with this last update it was weird, everything was working until yesterday (haven’t installed anything, haven’t updated since last Friday), but suddenly some websites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Github and Reddit mainly) would stop working or stop loading any assets on all my browsers (I did clear the all browsers data, yes), but would work on my phone and my roomates PCs, not only that, but some of my work stuff also started giving issues, such as connecting to MongoDB, it worked, but suddenly out of nowhere it stopped connecting (this was just a few minutes ago, and my co-workers didn’t have any issues), so I decided to update, now everything is fixed, but I noticed that I have a new EndeavourOS wallpaper (meaning the distro also got updated?)…

Make of this what you will, but it is very weird, that everything works, then suddenly out of the blue it stops, after working for the past 5-6 days… I’ve been using EndeavourOS for a year (can’t see myself using any other distro anymore lol), this is the first time it has happened

Any theories on what might have caused this? Have you experienced similar issues?

You might want to check for hardware errors. Use smartctl for disk, memtest86+ for RAM.

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Sounds related to your networking. Possibly DNS, possibly DHCP taking a while to renew a lease.

I couldn’t remember what the issue was on the end of the day (I think it was fixed after an update or something), but it’s all good now, maybe something just had a bad update?