"There's No Making it Secure"

I came across this very interesting video discussing todays issues with cybersecurity. Even if youre not into CS, OPSEC, etc. its a great listen

Edit: I get its long lol, but if this topic is of legitimate concern to you its a good time. It covers everything from companies/government not really caring about your data’s security to consumer apathy about their own security and ideas of anonymous advertising that’s still relevant to a users interests.

Err, short of unplugging it…there may not be absolute security, but there’s also lack of stupid (or maybe I should be nice and say uninformed), people that click on links blindly, and download and run attachments. In today’s world, I’d just call that reasonably security-minded.

watch the video, thats not exactly what its about :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I listened to a few snippets (but was mostly scared by 3 and a half hours length, I wouldn’t watch anyone talk that long)…I’ll wait for the Cliff Note version, hopefully published in text that I can scan in minutes.

3:33:48 :mantelpiece_clock:

I get that there’s links to different sections, but I don’t have 3½ hours to spare for this.


There’s a lot of great discussion in it, even if you don’t do it in one sitting its worth a watch/listen.

Its not like once you start it you’re stuck till its over :joy: