Themes disoriented

I was previously using GNOME, and then I had installed something known as custom-accent-colours extension. But then I shifted to Cinnamon after removing the GNOME de:
eos-packagelist ‘GNOME Desktop Environment’ > gnomede
sudo pacman -Rnsc - < gnomede

But then on installing Cinnamon, I found that every app in Cinnamon that overlapped with the GNOME that I was using, was still working with the extension of custom-accent-colors. Then I found a few files in .local and .config, that had custom-accent-colors. I deleted them, but that worked to no avail. I want to apply and change themes from the cinnamon control centre. But that’s not working. I will be grateful if anyone could fix this.

yay gnome-shell-extension-custom-accent-colors-git
1 ...
yay -Rns gnome-shell-extension-custom-accent-colors-git

I’m not sure it helps.