Theme issue in Evolution

Hi Everyone, I am using the arc-dark theme and papirus icon theme.

I am having issue with Evolution mail app where the top bar doesn’t show the icons correctly. It is hard to read. If I change the theme to numix then I can see the icons correctly…

Is this GTK issue and any workaround? Any option to set custom theme per app?

Have you tried using Papirus Dark?


If it is just the icons being dark just switch to papirus dark.

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Thanks but I tried that and then the inbox folder icon turns off white colour which makes it hard to see.


If your gtk theme is a mix of light and dark, I am not sure how to solve that problem.

Have you tried other gtk themes?

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yes, you are right. I am using dark and light combination of Arc… so that’s the issue.

no issue with other GTK themes like Numix

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Not all themes work alike. Arc themes seem to work much better as nonmixed.

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you need atleast a theme with GTK4 theme compatible… cinnamon is stil gtk3 ?

not sure what version of GTK is on Cinnamon.

cinnamon it self uses gtk3 , probably i might wrong ??? :slight_smile:

Yaru-dark (yaru-gtk-theme) with papirus-dark (papirus-icon-theme), no issues. You might have to reconsider changing your theme or icon choice unfortunately as I don’t believe it’s a papirus icon issue. Feel free to make a bug report on the Papirus Github, they are quick to respond, but more than likely it’s more to do with the theme in combination with it than anything else.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will try it