Theme installation

Greetings to all!
Want to install the theme. It says that to install “place it in the same folder as PKGBUILD and run $ makepkg -sci”. I’m not that advanced a user… Where can I find this folder?

Which theme, are you looking in the web? If so, please give a link.

Of course, here is the link

download the theme. (in files tab)

download the pkgbuild snapshot

or through browser

extract all in one folder according the instructions. open a terminal there and
makepkg -sci

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yay is an AUR helper program. If you have yay installed
in terminal window as user
$ yay -S plasma-theme-helium
:: There are 2 providers available for plasma-theme-helium:
:: Repository AUR
1) plasma-theme-helium 2) plasma-theme-helium-git

so you have 2 choices for a source. It looks like above you linked to the git version,.



Yes, it works. Thank you! :+1:
But it turns out it’s easier to drag Helium.tar.gz content into a folder with themes /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme :blush:

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Ok, glad you found your way.

there are many ways to install themes. Drag and drop won’t give you the option to uninstall using pacman in the future, but you can always delete the file manually.

you can also create ~/.themes and ~/.icons and drag and drop there (it’s safer)


kde got also a kde store , atleast lot themes are there also like this

installing kde packagemanager you can also download sddm themes aswell. discover. its only matching gtk style i dont know :slight_smile: