[THEME] File roller

Why does “file roller” suddenly looks all white?

I’m on XFCE using the Arc-Dark theme

This happened to me sometime last week, I think. I didn’t actually do anything to fix it, but it’s back to the dark system theme I have selected.

When last have you updated?

PS: Happened to me on i3WM.

I always update.

Running it like this, fixes the issue.

GTK_THEME=Arc-Dark file-roller

They updated to GTK 4 recently, https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/file-roller/-/blob/master/NEWS?ref_type=heads

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It doesn’t let me “drag and drop” files anymore also!

File roller is unusable in XFCE.

Are there any good small alternatives?

Xarchiver should be small. Not sure if it has the features you want, though.


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Thanks, I’m using “Engrampa” and it is working great.

File roller: Doesn’t do drag and drop.
Ark: Doesn’t do drag and drop.

I don’t know what happened to those two that they don’t work anymore on Thunar, XFCE.

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