The Universe is Hostile to Computers

Now I know why my kart crashed without any warning in Supertuxkart race yesterday … :joy:


That’s why it is a plus that newer AMD processors can handle ECC memory - it helps! :grin:

You think the UNIVERSE is hostile to computers, you should meet some of my users at work…

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Robots face a lot of hostility, too:


Look like you need a new kart! :rofl:

You wish thats what it was :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That said this video seems to have kinda blown peoples minds lately but its a fairly well known thing at least in circles i roam. Usually computers these days even without ECC can generally handle this just fine but older systems it can cause some weirdness.

That only things that really helps is redundancy and rad hardening, ECC memory maybe a “bit” :upside_down_face: but its very far from immune to these sorts of errors.

DDR5 will have by default ECC memory , this is a JDEC standard

Not exactly, itll have some internal error correction but its not at all the same as true ECC DIMMS.


On-die ECC and other scaling features enable manufacturing on advanced process nodes.