The UK parliament passed bill to outlaw encryption

To what end?

I mean…If all of us here understand that it has nothing to do with TerRrOriSt or THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!1111, legislators surely understand that perfectly well.

Such laws are only intended to be used against citizens, always.


But why?

Total control.

Motivated by desire for ultimate god-like power, like it always was for any tyrants which existed previously, currently and will be in the future, why else?

:clown_face: :earth_africa:

For them human is just a means to an end, not the goal.
Freedom is definitely not their goal, it’s the opposite, always were.

Anything goes.

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Sounds like going back in history instead of going forward. Why don’t all the western governments just cut the bs and just straight up say they want full control over their governed countries just as China does over theirs without limits instead of presenting it as “democracy”?

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Oh that’s very easy - it’s much easier to sell, then just kill and gulag people straight up.
Capitalism is much more effective in selling tyranny if you will, they can wrap it in terrorism and children :rofl:

Basically there are 2 modern conceptions:

  1. In your face Communist / Nazi style hardcore totalitarianism described in a book
    1984 by George Orwell

  2. Technocratic globalism, which came gradually by dumbing down, “trust the science”, “perpetual progress”, drugs etc (just what we see now, you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy, great reset type of deal), which was perfectly described in a book
    Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

    btw his family were actual globalists, so it’s not just fiction, it’s how the actually see the future.


I hope I’m dead before it gets to the end goal because it doesn’t sound like a world I would want to live in.

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I don’t know, it’s hard pill to swallow, but at the end of a day it’s “fight or flight” type of scenario for each one of us in the near future…

Natural reaction of course is to run as far away as possible from scary thing, but very soon there will be nowhere to run, that’s the nature of globalism.

It’s just another part of the never ending good vs evil battle…I guess, for the most part, the only reason why we’re all here now, is because our ancestors choose to fight or overcome those who tried to do evil on them…

For myself i choose to fight those small bunch of :clown_face:s, who think that they can do such horrible things to fellow humans without consequences for their actions, i won’t give them comfort of finding myself dead before giving a good fight.

All you can do is basically vote as a citizen and then hope that who you vote for actually does a few things of the things they say. From most of the protests I see on tv it doesn’t look any of them have much effect, the latest one having been Israel protesting against lessening the power of some high court by the government.

P.S I just realized we are breaking forum rules by discussing this topic as it went from encryption laws to governments and politics.

n the Lounge area, you can discuss anything non-distro related, as long as it isn’t sexist, racist, hurtful to other members, religious or political. We are an international community with people from all walks of life and everyone should be treated with respect over here.

So maybe would should wrap an end to it and get back to the encryption discussion but I think since the politics make the laws about technology it’s both a technological and a political discussion.

We’re in full agreement that “old” ways clearly have close to zero effects this days.
Well i can think of some other stuff, which definitely shouldn’t be mentioned on forum :rofl:

Indeed. :zipper_mouth_face:

Here’s some great set of the most hardcore guides and advices on security / privacy / encryption i have found in years AnarSec! :partying_face:


In other words, technology will be humanity’s downfall and a really big solar flare that kills all our current digital technology(that would include encryption technology) would save the future of humanity!


I’m so ready! :rofl:

What the hell is going on across the pond? Holy crimity.

I’m just gonna stay over here and keep cleaning my guns. Y’all are wild.

Also because most of them have limited mental capacity with social sciences degrees or 50+ years old and barely understand technology, someone with a little bit of bad will easily convinces them that banning encryption will solve crime.


Wait isn’t there something similar happening in the US as well? Saw a video of that Charlie guy talking about it on YT

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Of course it is, why would our :robot: friend clean his guns otherwise?! :rofl:

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Man, I’m not American but that image makes me proud to be one for some reason :joy:


In my small town :wink:

Not that bad yet. But getting to my computer may prove to be more dangerous then it’s worth.

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