The Pentacon 30mm f/3.5 is the Meyer Optik Lydith 30mm f/3.5 | A Review

In this video I review the Pentacon 30mm f/3.5, the heir of quite an inheritance. That of the Meyer Lydith 30mm f/3.5.

Although beaten up and scratched up it made for a rather pleasent time using it. Also some pretty good images. However, most importantly, it has taught me a valuable lesson.

The video was filmed entirely with the Sony a7R II and the Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm f/2.8, reviewed here on the channel.
The montage was done in DaVinci Resolve on Arch Linux.
The images in the video were processed with RawTherapee and GIMP on Arch Linux.

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Music by Boom Boom Becket:

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I’m not sure about the forum rules regarding this little snippet right here.

Otherwise its always nice to see other oss photographers/videographers. You might try kdenlive over resolve for video editing. Its in a pretty good spot and actually supports h264 on Linux.

Fair enough, I just took that bit out.

I did try Kdenlive, several times over the years and it always left me disappointed. For now, I see no reason to leave Resolve.

Thank you.


Just subscribed to your channel, I have a small collection of vintage lenses here myself…
One of them is also a Pentacon, but the 135mm F2.8 with 15 aperture blades

I also had the 2.8/135 Pentacon, but the regular version, with 6 aperture blades. It came to me in a pretty bad shape so I tried to take it apart and fix it, but I kind of made it all worse and messed up the aperture system. I eventually sent it to be serviced but the aperture system could not be saved, so it was converterd into a cyclop… The aperture was completely removed and now it’s forever wide open. So I gave the lens to my wife. I don’t really shoot 135mm. I don’t get along with long focal ranges. 28-50 is where I’m confortable.

Thanks for your sub.