The new release is go for launch

Cant disagree with anything there. EOS works really well, I really love the rolling release model too. I just need to settle on a DE. I am still between kde, gnome and xfce, and run i3 as additional session. It keeps me doing some fresh installs here and then and testing new eos iso.

Yeah I’m generally using Intel but one box is AMD. Intel is rather stable and AMD is too. If I ever get the finances together (I ain’t rich!) I would rather try AMD Vega or discrete Graphics.

You are rich in the soul, you use eos :wink:

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If you are still bouncing between KDE, Gnome and XFCE then you are a Spacehopper! Make a decision or consign yourself to a life of doubt! :laughing: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Already December 3 over here, eagerly awaiting the download link!

PS: I am reminded how much I miss the space shuttle missions…


Wait… I’ve been using EOS Gnome for 3 weeks now, does that count? :thinking:

You need to switch :wink:

I used kde before, but this time around make a serious effort to dig deeper and learn about it. Does 5 days count or do I need to switch to Mate tomorrow?

Never tried mate more than 5min :rofl: btw I loved using Ubuntu gnome back when it was like mate (?), was than gnome 2 or gtk 2?! Well, it worked well for sure

Mate is good, dare i say this out loud i really like Gnome 41.1 it just works. :grin:


Gnome worked great, I used it from Sep-Nov. But always get fed up after a couple of months and flip flop back to kde/xfce

Just curious on what power users think.

If I decide to encrypt with clean installation, and say I don’t like it for whatever reason and want to decrypt, how do I decrypt? Do I need to reinstall and uncheck encrypt?

I was testing with Linux Mint as I was planning to do a clean install anyways with new EOS iso. So my drive is currently encrypted and running Linux mint.

Sorry just don’t know too much about encrypting drives.

I read about LUKS and seems quite fascinating.

Having said that, excited for new iso. I’ll be using cinnamon this time around :slight_smile:


I have a present for xfce-i3 users debuting tomorrow :wink:


I’m afraid in your case, it will be near the last hours of 3 December… :scream: :crazy_face:

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Wait, has the ISO not been released yet?

Just wait until release, this gimmick is a waste of time.

You cannot enable / disable luks on the fly. It is implemented as a kernel device mapper beneath your file system.

You could manually move your system’s luks encrypted file systems to a non luks partitions and reconfigure your system (ie grub, mkinitcpio, fstab, etc) to remove all luks specific config.

Or you could just re-install your system without luks and reconfigure it again from vanilla.

Or just keep your system luks encrypted.


keep in mind that this topic is an announcement and not a help request :wink: to ask a question make a post in the right section of the forum please :sunglasses:


Australia will get it early on 4.12 :wink:


can’t wait more, wish there was a countdown for release :frowning:

@Bryanpwo :sunglasses: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

EndeavourOS Atlantis launchCountdown

now i have to get enough popcorn to stare at monitor for 4 hours :slight_smile:

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:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

Me behind the laptop at this moment:


Excellent, thanks u @joekamprad
it would be interesting to count the number of clicks as soon as Atlantis is online and why not who clicked the fastest MDR :rofl:
Meet at 5:00 p.m. sharp :stuck_out_tongue: