The Linux Experiment Survey - Problematic Parts of Using Linux

He’s made another survey. This time it’s about the most problematic things about using Linux.

Participate or don’t participate. Up to you. Just spreading the word.



Survey complete:

Man, the penguin he used for the thumbnail is creepy.


I didn’t get to participate, but I really hate that guy. Oh well.

the two websites where the survey was posted require you make an account and give personal info to participate in. no thanks. Dovetails nicely into “Problematic Parts of using Linux” however :scream_cat:

This argument has been addressed by a few YouTubers over the years with a rhetorical question: What is the point of preaching to people who already have the same beliefs as you on privacy, freedom, and open source?

In other words, if you want to get more people to use privacy- and freedom-respecting open-source tools, you need to use the platforms that the masses use.

If it wasn’t for YouTube, I’d be slaving away on Windows right now. Heck, I may even have an iPhone because that’s a very popular trend in my country right now.

PS: You can view most Mastodon posts without signing up. It’s not Twitter.
In fact, I’ve never come across a post where I wasn’t logged in that didn’t allow me to view it.

And the survey didn’t require personal info.

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I like that you note the conundrum here

I like that you note the conundrum here–
It’s all good just noting it myself.
I have no real gripes about Linux except why it didn’t present itself to me sooner :wink:

Huh… may I ask why?


anyway I think the survey result is pretty representative.

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Glad that the issues seem to be solved and the thread marked as such :stuck_out_tongue: :sweat_smile:


:sweat_smile: Just wanna make sure the thread closes asap because the first two comments after the video are precursors to unnecessary arguments.


Even a thread marked as solved can go on indefinitely if people keep replying.

If your intention is to close this up, the more effective way is to ask the moderators to lock it.

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I know. If it gets out of hand, I will.


You said it yourself. Therefore my suggestion. But you do you! :wink:

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It’s always irritating when people do that :clown_face:

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He constantly tries to pepper in his socialist propaganda and trash politics instead of just reporting on Linux stuff.

That’s Santa for you :santa:

Oh! You were talking about Nick.

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Since I don’t follow him regularly, could you point me to his propaganda videos, just for curiosity.

I couldn’t, since I no longer watch him but it’s within the videos.

Thanks for the reasoned response.

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