The ISO on the website is now almost 2 months old

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but knowing this is a rolling release, shouldn’t the ISO be a bit newer than this?
I think I remember a similar thread late last month, and I think there was a new ISO supposed to be put up after few days then.
I am curious because there is something strange going on with my system (feels very labored and “slow”), not sure what is causing it, but I might be going to KDE again.

We were in the process of releasing a refreshed ISO in October but during a testing we discovered there was an issue with mesa that impacted running in VMs in certain circumstances. Since this issue still hasn’t been resolved and the existing ISO is still working fine we have not yet released a new ISO.


Ah very good. Gave me a bit of a scare there.

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The thought occurred to me as well, however it shouldn’t matter once you do an online install. If you want to install offline (Xfce), this concern might be justified.

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I was also wondering about this because it is not recommended to update EOS too seldomly (at least once a week), that might break something. I thought that could be a factor as well.

I think so too, therefore an online installation, where the latest packages are pulled anyway. Mission accomplished :white_check_mark: :wink:

An online installation isn’t an update. It doesn’t install the packages from the ISO and then update them.

It installs all the packages from their current state in the repos. Also, we apply hotfixes to the latest ISO if you are online so the online experience should be smooth as long as you are using the latest ISO.


I didn’t know this part. Good to know :slight_smile:

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