The invisible monitor and the invisible computer, how to


and how to hide the pc to go with it…

Orhan Sabic

Orhan Sabic

1 month ago

“So, sir, tell us how your house burned down.”

“I overclocked my desk.”


That is very awesome.

I would love something like that myself, but I am way too lazy to do it haha.


If you want to have nice things….

Personally I’d go with slightly thicker wood. Maybe 2 1/2 inches. That would have solved most of his problems.

And some veneer on the bottom of the desk would help hide it if someone went looking

That - and a AIO cooler should be low profile enough in the first place. I haven’t looked up the water-cooled build yet, but I do wonder what he used. Another big ‘make it easier’ move would have been to use a CPU with integrated graphics (Intel w/XE or AMD with Vega) - save a pile on mini fans!
├─nvme0n1p4 259:4 0 1000M 0 part

He did come up with a nice :euro’ look to the finished project though! Love the ‘inlaid appearance’ of the aluminum sheets showing…

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Def. all in one would be the way to go. But I like how this guy did his with all the parts suspended inside and upside down. If you used that all in one water cooler optionandbit leaked, at least you stood a chance of it pouring on the floor and not shorting things out. The way Linus from ltt did his he has no chance of not shorting it all out. More veneer could cover that metal inlay look if you’re not a fan of that. Would hide it better.

Actually - I found that this guy had redone it with water cooling - like so:

and it appears to have the benefits I suspected (no bulges, quieter, and cooler) - worth a further look!


Looks great. Not the aio solution but looks a lot better even. And again because it’s suspended upside down in the table if it leaks there’s a chance it won’t short out everything else but just leak on the floor.

Do the use distilled water in the coolers?

Oh and on the plus side you have a under desk heater to keep the tootsies warm

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I doubt if that is all it is - though that is probably a major component. They do a lot of research into the fluids, and often colour them as well as try to improve their ability to shuffle heat around. Here is a description of one:

This coolant is a mixture of vegetable extracts combined with non-toxic dyes and corrosion inhibitors. It also does not contain any ethylene glycol.

Here’s another:

This coolant is made from a non-toxic and pure chemical formulation (patent pending) preventing any sediment from forming in the loop of the liquid cooling system.

And again:

It comes with low electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity making it ideal in cooling the components of your CPU.

Y9ou get the idea - they all have different ‘talking points’ and often different colours - but how much is marketing and how much is measurable…well you decide! Usually they are bit more viscous (in the ones I’ve seen) and cheap ones can drop sediment in the bottom of loops - but there you go.

I wonder how much heat it produces? The AMD chip shouldn’t drive it too hard - but I don’t know the graphic card

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