The installing is wrong, and it is surprise that my computer was installed Arch Linux

When I install Endeavour OS ,the installer goes wrong, and I know the system is based on Arch Linux,so I try to use the way to install Arch Linux, and finally the installing completed, there is no wrong when boot,but when I type the command ’ screenfetch ’ , it displays Arch Linux ,and the system is purely Arch Linux.

It shows Arch because you installed Arch. You said it yourself in the post. You can add the EnOS repos to your Arch install if you want, or you can post what went wrong with the installer here in order for someone to help you figure out what went wrong.

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Makes sense if you used the Arch wiki to install. You have Arch.

You can add Endeavour mirrors to get EOS apps and stuff though.

My USB Disk’s system is EN OS ,but the installing programme goes wrong ,so I mount my disk,install the base system,install boot loader and so on with commands on Arch Wiki ,and the boot loader (grub) displays EN OS after I type ‘reboot’. But after booting and I type the command ‘screenfetch’ it displays Arch Linux.

see if lsb-release install + in /etc check os-release … look like you have fun install, :pray: it no work smooth for you .

The ISO is build on the same as Archlinux install ISO … and you will only have an EndeavourOSD install if you use the installer itself… if you go to install from install archinstall scripts you may have some configs that show EndeavourOS but it is not an EndeavourOS install. We do not have cli install scripts that provides such install.

To install EndeavourOS and tools you need to run the Calamares installer from the Welcome App.


The thing that installs EndeavourOS is the installer program. If you didn’t user the the installer program, you didn’t install EndeavourOS.

You also learned something interesting. That is that you can use almost any Arch-based distro’s ISO to install Arch. There is nothing magic about the Arch ISO. It is just an ISO with a very small version of Arch you are using to do the manual install. Because Arch-based distros use all those same files, if you install manually the resultant system will be Arch.


Also to note, you mentioned this twice but didn’t provide any other information about it.